Soft. Trendy. Gender-neutral

Our kids room collection is inspired by the trends for genderless design, calming interiors for mindfulness, and inciting Individuality. All products are made in neutral trendy colours that are suitable for both boys and girls with a few bright accents to add some dimension.

All you need to style beautiful and safe kids room

Natural materials

which are soft, baby-safe and eco-friendly

Unique design

to make your little one laugh and happy

Product options

to chose by function and color

What's in

The kids room decor collection includes two types of carpets, throw pillows, storage baskets and toy bassinets.

Plain Rug

Designed to subtly highlight the play zone or be placed near the crib. Offered in three natural colourways of beige and grey, this rug complements any interior design of the kid's bedroom.

Hanging Storage Basket

Smart storage solution which does not take any space on the floor or on the shelf. Just hang them by handles on a crib or chair and put favourite toys or books therein. The wooden beads working as the buttons support the theme of nature. 

Toy Storage Basket

Intended to store toys, clothes, books, hygiene items or other stuff.

Tassel and a knitted circle in contrast colors add a bit of playfulness to simple natural-toned baskets, and small wooden beads support the theme of nature.

Fringe Throw Rug

To emphasize the contour of this rug we added contrasting stripes in matching colours. The fringe adds a bit of playfulness and suggests an association with the sun.

Star Throw Pillow

Knitted pillows in the shape of a star are designed to give a bright accent to the calm colours of the Scandinavian children's room. It is also interesting to play with such a cute and soft decorative pillow.

Animal Style Basket

Fancy baskets are made in the form of deer and koalas. Suitable for storing small toys, pencils or other small items.

The idea of creating these baskets is to be interesting for children while maintaining a minimalist look.

Toy Bassinet

A miniature bassinet with handles can be carried around and be a sleeping place for a favourite doll or toy. When the baby grows up, it can be used as a storage basket.