Welcome to Anzy Home!

"I initiated Anzy Home in 2016 with the intention to support my mom's knitting hobby and realize own creativity. Having a rocket engineering background, I was always keen on interior decoration and design.

In a couple of years Anzy Home became a renown brand producting handmade home décor, furniture and textiles. Today our team of passionate crafters and interior lovers still put a piece of the soul into every item.

We create every item with the big idea, aiming to fill the interiors with cosiness, comfort and beauty. I personally tested every product in our principal newborn collection, being a mom of 2.

In addition to other values, I attach great importance to quality, sustainability and social orientation."

Anna Zmiievska, Founder and CEO

Our values


We give preference to natural materials like cotton, wool and wood

Authentic techniques

We reinvent hand-knitting and hand-weaving processes to create modern and stylish products


Each product can be fully customized by design, shape, colour and size

Social orientation

One of the brand’s missions is to support women
of different ages and social positions

Recycling and reuse

Anzy Home is committed to supporting manufacturing
sustainability and waste reduction

Storage and organization

Cosmetic storage organizers Anzy Home

Classic round baskets

Ideal for storing cosmetics, perfumes, care products, jewelry and trinkets

Toy storage organizers

Various options for smart storage organization in a child's room: put it on a shelf, in a closet or hang on a hook

More than just a storage

Various storage solutions for the bathroom, kitchen or hallway. Rectangular, oval, with lid, one-color or patterned

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