Anzy Home is a Ukrainian lifestyle brand of knitted home décor that resolves around the principles of social responsibility and sustainability

Our mission

Furnish homes worldwide with unique high-quality items hand-made responsibly and consciously, while creating meaningful job opportunities for Ukrainian women.

The products in the brand’s portfolio are handmade from scratch in a well-organized studio in the East of Ukraine.

We create a wide range of products: poufs, rugs, pillows, storage baskets, kids’ room decor, newborn Moses baskets and more.

Our story

Anzy Home evolved from the handmade hobby of the brand owner and CEO Anna Zmiievska and her mom Natalia.

"My mom has been always keen on knitting and crocheting. In 2016 we together discovered chunky thick cotton yarn and fell in love with it. Being a rocket engineer by background, I've always been fascinated by home styling and decoration and realized that with this new thick yarn, we can create beautiful and cosy home decor and accessories. There was a time when the first rugs, poufs and baskets were designed. 

I decided to support Mom's hobby and started promoting her crafts. Later on, she taught me to knit and crochet. In 2018 I started to sell internationally and we began to hire fellow artisans to help make products to orders. The knitting hobby turned into a craft manufacturing, we opened a studio in Kharkiv city and our annual turnover has reached hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2020-2021. As of the beginning of 2022, Anzy Home had sales around the world and employed 14 people.

I personally tested every product, especially in the newborn collection, being a mom of 2."

Anna Zmiievska, Founder, Owner






Our Commitment 

At Anzy Home, we believe in the power of conscious consumption. Our commitment is to produce high-quality, durable products and care about people and the planet.

Social impact

Our social mission is to support Ukrainian women of different ages and social positions by creating for them meaningful and fairly-paid jobs. 

All products are hand-knitted and crocheted using classic craftsmanship techniques passed down through generations, but infused with a modern twist. Some projects are shared with the women working remotely from home, allowing them to earn additional income by doing their beloved crafts. 

By promoting Anzy Home products worldwide we are able to contribute to UN SDGs of no poverty and descent work and economic growth. The problem of unemployment is crucial currently in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion. Many fled families are in a difficult financial situation. As of summer 2023, 60% of the 6.9 million IDPs in Ukraine are women, about 50% of whom do not have sufficient digital skills to find a full-time online job. There are almost 35,000 IDPs in Kamianske, the city where Anzy Home manufacturing is currently located. (source: IOM, UN Migration)

Now we employ 5 full-time and 4 part-time women, giving preferences for IDPs and women from socially vulnerable groups, giving them the opportunity to do their favourite crafts every day while getting an income. For them, it's not just a job that brings income. It's also a way to relax, forget about the stress they've suffered and adapt more easily to the changed conditions of life.

For the whole brand’s history, we managed to support over 40 women artisans of different ages and social positions, who pour their heart and soul into crafting each piece, blending modern aesthetics with the time-honoured traditions of our homeland 🇺🇦


Anzy Home adopts and promotes sustainability practices through different practices. 

Firstly, we give preference to natural materials like cotton, wool and wood, making our products durable and long-lasting for ages. Our materials have OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certifications which means they are harmless for human health and are safe for babies and children.

Secondly, we encourage Circular Economy Principles through the reuse, recycling and upcycling of our products and materials. One example is the application of the cotton cord made of recycled fabric. It is made of recovered materials that have been considered used up, and no dyes or toxic chemicals are involved in this material manufacturing.

We also offer our customers to take back products either at the end of their life or once there is a need to change a style or move. Such products are subject to recycling or repurposing, reducing the overall waste generated by the product.

Thirdly, our hand-made techniques are among the manufacturing processes that do not need lots of energy and we do not produce much pollutants, like the large industrial plants producing mass-market home goods. 

Trend-forward but conscious design

Developing the products we blend the best of both worlds: traditional craftsmanship and modern design. While we're inspired by time-tested techniques, our designs are fresh, simple, and relevant for today's homes. We support the idea of slow fashion, crafting pieces meant to last and stay in style for years. And because everyone's space is unique, we offer customization options, so each item feels personal and fits just right.

Our products are made by skilled artisans who bring their expertise to every piece. But while our roots are in traditional methods, our designs are contemporary and easy-going. We're proud of the balance we strike between the old and new, and we hope our items help make your space feel both timeless and modern.

Our vision is that people choose home decor and accessories consciously, based on their values and beliefs. We are committed to promoting Anzy Home brand worldwide, helping people to style their homes with unique aesthetic things, rather than choosing cheap but non-ethical decor from a mass market.

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