Anzy Home is a studio of handmade home décor, furniture and textiles that originated in 2016. We offer a wide range of products: poufs, rugs, pillows, storage baskets, kids’ room decor, and baby Moses baskets. In our work, we apply hand knitting, hand crocheting, macrame weaving and tapestry techniques. 

Anzy Home is a team of passionate crafters and interior lovers. We sell internationally, collaborate with designers, implement commercial projects, manufacture corporate gifts and offer bulk supply. 

Our mission is to bring to life the unique creative ideas of our customers and fill the interiors with cosiness, comfort and beauty.


Anzy Home is a studio of handmade home décor and furniture which evolved from the handmade hobby of the brand owner and CEO Anna Zmiievska and her mom Natalia.

Our history started in 2016, and we developed a renowned local home decor brand offering a wide range of products: knit and crochet poufs, rugs, pillows, storage baskets, etc. In 2018 we entered the international market on Etsy and today have over thousands of happy customers all over the world.

Anzy Home Newborn was born in 2019, when Anna was pregnant. Our newborn products are inspired by nature, invented by a mom, and created by moms – for moms!


Our values


Minimal amount of synthetics: we give preference to natural materials – cotton, wool and wood.


Exactly the way Ukrainian women weaved rugs from cloths in the past, but in a modern and stylish way.


Whether it's a small basket or a large rug: the product will be made by hand just for you

Every product in Anzy Home is handmade from scratch.

Every product in Anzy Home is handmade from scratch. All the processes like knitting, crocheting, weaving, sewing, filling and packing are performed by humans. 

Most of our knitting rockets work in a specially organized studio with guaranteed cleanliness and in a no pet, no smoking environment. For all manufactured products, we care about quality control, packaging, and every detail. 

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What we offer

Customization opportunities

In addition to the options offered in our online shop anzyhome.com, we are open to custom and personalized orders. The basic colour chart is presented on the next page, but for custom projects, we can choose the colour shades matching the interior idea, style and colourway. We can customize the design, shape, and sizes as well. 

Social orientation

One of the brand’s missions is to support women of different ages and social positions. Therefore we share some projects with the women working remotely from their homes, allowing them to get additional income by doing what they love – hand knit, crochet or weaving. 

Recycling and reuse

Anzy Home is committed to supporting manufacturing sustainability and waste reduction. We accept the return of some of the used products to further recycle them and to create new products. 

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