Anzy Home is a studio of handmade home décor and furniture which evolved from the handmade hobby of the brand owner and CEO Anna Zmiievska and her mom Natalia.

Our history started in 2016, and we developed a renowned local home decor brand offering a wide range of products: knit and crochet poufs, rugs, pillows, storage baskets, etc. In 2018 we entered the international market on Etsy and today have over thousands of happy customers all over the world.

Anzy Home Newborn was born in 2019, when Anna was pregnant. Our newborn products are inspired by nature, invented by a mom, and created by moms – for moms!

Today, our team includes experienced knitters and crocheters who do their work with passion and love. Most of us are happy moms and grandmoms. That’s why we know how careful we should be, especially with newborn goods.

Anzy Home provides "handmade", but not "homemade" products. Our newborn product line is hand-crocheted in a specially organized studio with guaranteed cleanliness, no pet, no smoking environment.

However, some of the products are still made at home (excluding the newborn line), because one of our missions is to support women of different ages and social positions. We share with them some projects to allow earn money doing their favorite thing – knit or crochet.

We care about quality control, packaging, and every detail.

You can choose a product from the options offered in the shop or request an individual order. And we will together develop and create a knitted beauty that is perfect for your needs, interior, and style!

Our values

Anzy Home


Minimal amount of synthetics: we give preference to natural materials – cotton, wool and wood.

Anzy Home hand made decor manufacturing


Exactly the way Ukrainian women weaved rugs from cloths in the past, but in a modern and stylish way.

Anzy Home crocheted decor


Whether it's a small basket or a large rug: the product will be made by hand just for you

Anzy Home today

Today Anzy Home is a studio, where the experienced craftswomen by hand create cozy items for home furnishing and decoration. Our range includes different designs of poufs, rugs, kids decor, etc. We love custom creative projects, collaborate with brands, stores and designers and fulfil large corporate orders.

Our achievements:

• The team includes 16 enthusiastic people.

• Over 10,000 items were made by our hands

• We use 100+ km of yarn every month

• Beautiful homes are furnished with our products in 30 countries around the world

• Over 2,000 orders have been completed on Etsy with the average rating of 5 stars.

• Our chunky blanket was featured in Cosmopolitan magazine.

• We made corporate orders for Jooble and MasterCard

• Our Christmas decor items are bestsellers for years in the US, and have been ranked in the top 20 by Home Beautiful (UK) magazine.

• We knitted an incredible rug of impressive size - 3x3.6 m for one of the chalets of the "Verholy" relax-park

The further – the better!