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Manufacturing and shipping

I recieved only half of my order - Moses basket or stand

Please note that the Moses baskets and stands are shipped in separate packages, each having own tracking number. You can find both tracking numbers in your order status.

They are shipped in defferent packages because:

1) The international aviation post has restrictions for size and weight of the package


2) We can ensure better packaging of the items if they are packed separately, to avoid damages during transportation.

How much time do you need to manufacture the items?

Anzy Home offers exclusive and artificial products. We make each product by hand. The production of your order can take from 1 to 10 business days, depending on the type, model, size of the order. Approximate terms of order fulfilment are specified on the product pages.

Visit the SALE section to find ready-to-ship products.

If you are need the product faster, please contact us in any convenient way and we will be happy to look for a way to meet your requirements!

! Moses baskets and all NEWBORN COLLECTION

We always try to make and ship all orders ASAP, understanding that you need the items before baby arrives.

The average manufacturing times for newborn line is 2-4 business days. Some of the popular colors and designs are in stock.

However, to avoid the late arrival of the order, please, consult us before placing an order if you have less than 4 weeks before the due date!

Thank you!

How much will shipping cost?

Shipping costs depend on the product (size and weight of the parcel) and your location. To check the shipping costs please add the desired product(s) to your cart and fill the address form in.

Can you provide worldwide shipping?

Yes, we ship to any country of the world with the standard international post.

How long the shipping takes?

To ensure fast delivery worldwide, we have 3 shipping locations:

1) USA prep center in Feasterville-Trevose, PA.

Usually used for Christmas decor, gifts and popular newborn products to ensure fast delivery within North America.

Estimated shipping times:
• within USA: 2-5 business days
• to Canada: 3-7 business days
• to Latin America and the Caribbean: 1-2 weeks

2) EU prep center in Warsaw, Poland.

Estimated shipping times:
• within the EU: 2-5 business days
• to European non-EU countries: 3-7 business days
• to North America: 7-9 business days.

3) Ukraine, where our manufacturing is located. Most of the custom-made orders are shipped from Ukraine.

Estimated STANDARD shipping times:
• to North America: 2-4 weeks
• to Europe: 1-2 weeks
• to Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 3-8 weeks
• to Asia Pacific: 3-6 weeks
• to Latin America and the Caribbean: 2-6 weeks
• to North Africa and the Middle East: 2-6 weeks
• to Sub-Saharan Africa: 3-5 weeks

My Order

Custom and personalized orders

We are in love with custom orders, please fill in the Custom Order form to enquire about customization of product size, color, decoration, and pattern.
Please, note, that the customized orders will take longer to manufacture, and the price will be calculated separately for each specific custom order.


Sizing details are specified in each product description.

Please, note that natural materials, like cotton t-shirt yarn, which is used for our products, has a varied solidity and elasticity depending on the color and the batch. Therefore the dimensions of a product may differ from the size indicated in its description. This is also caused by the fact that all products are handmade and it is difficult to provide perfect accuracy. The average size deviation is 2 cm upward or downward.

How can I cancel my order?

You can request a cancellation within 24 hours of purchase

Please, contact us by email to cancel the order.

What if I receive the wrong product?

We do accept returns and exchanges.

The exclusion is the custom-made design. In this case we will agree with you all the details m. For complex carpets we create a design sketch before before manufacturing of the item, to be sure we understand each other correctly. When the item is ready, we will provide you a photo before shipping.

To request return or exchange:

Contact us within 3 days of delivery
Ship items back within 3 days of delivery

Color difference

Please, note that the color shade may differ from the one you see on your screen.
Also, slight differences in color can appear between the items ordered in different periods of time due to the yarn batch change. If you have already purchased some of our products and would like to order another one after a while, please contact us to clarify whether the yarn batch is the same.

Care instructions

General recommendations

We use natural, high-quality materials and to make the product last you as long as possible, please pay attention to some features of care. Care instructions for each type of product are provided with the order.


Wash in the washing machine at a temperature not exceeding 30 C (86 F). Use a liquid detergent and spin at 800-1000 rpm. In the presence of heavy soiling, pre-soaking can be used and/or any stain remover for fabric can be applied to heavily soiled areas. It is not recommended to rub stains with hard sponges.
Local contaminants can be removed without washing the entire product. To do this, apply a foamed water detergent (or a special stain remover) to the area of ​​contamination with a damp sponge. Leave for a few minutes, then remove the residue with a damp sponge or rinse under water.

Drying and Ironing

Dry on a flat surface horizontally and well straightened to avoid strong bends. Avoid direct sunlight. Turn the product over a few times during the drying process to ensure even drying. Steam iron is prefered.

Carpets transporting

Carpets are transported folded, so they can have wrinkles and waves after unpacking. After unpacking lay out the carpet, carefully spread it by hands well on the floor. Allow the carpet lay for a while on the floor and it will unfold under its own weight. To speed up the process you can use steam iron the carpet.

Bassinets transporting

Our Moses Baskets are carefully packed in a poly bag and cardboard box. To ensure the bassinet holds its shape well during the transporting, we use the foam insert. Please do not remove the insert during storage, if you do not plan to use the bassinet immediately.